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People who are lucky enough to sample authentic Balinese food just keep coming back for more.  A subtle heat, sweat and salty ketjap manis and filling proteins make this Indonesian Fried Rice one of the tastiest meals you can cook in less than 15 minutes...

Choose your proteins!  Either use the day before's leftovers or cook from fresh; whether you choose pork, prawns or chicken, our Nasi Goreng spice mix helps you bring Balinese cuisine to your dinner table . Tofu works too, for the vegan in your life! You don't need a lot as the stir fried veg (use the BBQ if you have room) and rice make this a healthy but filling option for the weekend or midweek.

Slap a fried egg on top and take it to the next level!

You will get:

Nasi Goreng Spice Blend.

Ketjap Manis Indonesian Sweet Soy Sauce

Crispy Fried Onions

Full preparation instructions - for the BBQ and for the kitchen.

You will need:

Your choice of protein(s)

Your choice of veg (diced carrots and onions are typical choices but celery, sugarsnap peas and water chestnuts take on the flavours well too).  Note our blend is 'moderate' in heat so you might want to add chillis or serve with a hot sauce condiment.

Cooked rice

Freshly fried egg (optional but recommended)

Ketjap Manis:  Sugar, Water, Salt, SOYA bean, WHEAT (contains GlLUTEN), Preservative:  Sodium Bonzoate.
Nasi Goreng Spice Mix:

Crispy Fried Onions: