No Added Salt Range

Smoke and Flame - No Added Salt Range of BBQ Spice Blends.

We were shocked when we saw how much salt goes into the Major Brand Spice Blend Mixes - up to 70%!

That's 70g of salt per 100g - your daily recommended limit is 6g! 

One of the main reasons salt (and sugar) are added to spice blends is because it's cheap.  Literally around 1% of the cost of herbs and spices!

We had to do something about this.  So we thought "Let's give people a choice".  Absolutely no added salt just all natural herbs and spices, selected from the most trusted suppliers, expertly blended by Smoke and Flame!

None of the salt - just big hitting flavour.  Built for the BBQ yet Awesome In The Oven.

£7.00 GBP