Allergens list

Some of our recipes include allergens which are included on the list of 14 declarable allergens under UK Law. They are listed below:

Black Country Shish Kebab: None

Black Country Tikka: None

Black Magic: None

Boston Butt Rub: CELERY salt, MUSTARD

Charred Hispi Cabbage: None.

Chilled Jamaican Jerk: Diastatic Malt (GLUTEN)

Doner Kebab: None.

Far East Steak Rub: None.

Fiery Jerk: Diastatic Malt (GLUTEN)

Greek Chicken Gyro/Souvlaki: None.

Indonesian Pig Roast: ALMOND (NUTS)

Jackfruit Kebab: MUSTARD

Japanese 7 Spice/Shichimi Togarashi: SESAME

Kansas City Rub: MUSTARD, CELERY Salt


Memphis Belle: MUSTARD

Nepalese Sekuwa: None.

Persian Cauliflower: None.

Persian Chicken: None.

Pyongyang Pork Belly: Diastatic Malt (GLUTEN), SESAME, MUSTARD

Raj's Mom's Chicken Wings: None

Shichimi Togarashi: SESAME

Singapore Noodles: MUSTARD

Texas Brisket: MUSTARD

If you have any questions please contact us before purchasing or consuming.