Chilled Jerk Chicken Spice Blend BBQ barbecue Dry Rub Marinade - Smoke and Flame
Chilled Jerk Chicken Spice Blend BBQ barbecue Dry Rub Marinade - Smoke and Flame
Chilled Jerk Seasoning (mild for all of the family)

Chilled Jerk Seasoning (mild for all of the family)



Quick Summary
• Mild heat - suitable for the whole family.

• Naturally smoky, tangy flavour. Tastes wonderful when topped with honey.

• Use on gammon, chicken or grilled fish.

• Prefer it hotter? Just add your favourite hot sauce or try our Fiery Jerk blend instead.

• Full cooking instructions - for the BBQ and for the kitchen - included.

• Large 200g packs.
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The more relaxed cousin to our Fiery Jerk Seasoning blend, we've dialed down the heat but kept the awesome flavours from the Caribbean.

Born out of our frustration that some friends (and our kids) were missing out on this Jamaican classic, we decided to make a jerk blend which was easier on the heat so even Nan could eat it.

Full cooking instructions (for the BBQ or for the kitchen) for our Jerk Chicken Blend can be found here.

Introducing "Chilled Jerk," a mild version of the classic Jamaican Jerk seasoning, perfect for those seeking a gentle yet flavourful culinary experience. Crafted with a harmonious blend of spices, this seasoning promises to elevate your dishes with its unique and vibrant profile.

Infused with the warm aroma of allspice, the addition of garlic, ginger, and smoked paprika adds depth and complexity to the blend, while coffee contributes a rich undertone.

For a touch of tanginess, lime powder brightens the flavour profile, while mango powder lends a subtle tropical essence. Thyme adds an earthy aroma, enhancing the overall depth of flavour.

Try it with traditional Rice and Peas or many of the other side dishes in our Free Easy BBQ Side Dishes e-book.

Delve into the culinary artistry of "Chilled Jerk," where each ingredient is carefully selected to create a symphony of flavours that dance on your palate. Whether used to marinate chicken, pork, or vegetables, this seasoning promises to transport you to the laid-back vibes of the Caribbean with every bite.

Net weight:  200g

Allergens:  Contains Malt (BARLEY)

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