Lamb Raan
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Lamb Raan

Lamb Raan



Quick Summary
• Mild heat.

• Works well on Leg of Lamb but better (in our opinion) on slow roasted shoulder. Give your guests something they haven't had before.

• Nutty, earthy flavour profile

• Full cooking instructions - for the BBQ and for the kitchen - included.

• Large 200g packs.
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Ready to take your BBQ to the next level?

Our blend takes nutty base flavours from almonds, which are further lifted by the sweet, citrusy notes of cardamom.  Add the spices to plain yoghurt, marinade then give the lamb a healthy dose of smoke and this is a meal your guests will be talking about for years.  It's for a special occasion really.

Introducing our Lamb Raan marinade blend, a harmonious fusion of spices crafted to perfection for tender and flavourful lamb dishes. Inspired by the rich culinary traditions of India, this blend promises to elevate your lamb raan to new heights, infusing it with a symphony of aromatic and robust flavours.

Try it with a naan bread cooked on the grill, pilau rice or many of the other side dishes in our Free “Easy BBQ Side Dishes” e-book.

Infused with the earthy richness of coriander, cumin, and cardamom, our marinade creates a delightful base for your lamb, enhancing its natural flavours. The pungent aroma of garlic and ginger adds depth and complexity, while ground almonds provide a subtle nutty undertone.

Simply mix our Lamb Raan marinade blend with yogurt, coat your lamb generously, and let it marinate to perfection. Whether grilled, roasted, or slow-cooked, our blend will transform your lamb into a culinary masterpiece, leaving your taste buds craving for more with each succulent bite.

Full cooking instructions (for the BBQ or for the kitchen) for Smoke and Flame’s Lamb Raan marinade can be found here.

Whilst "Raan" means "leg" in Hindi, we actually prefer a long slow roasted lamb shoulder with this blend.  But we do love lamb shoulder on a BBQ!  In fact, we've never met anyone who's tried it and didn't love it...

Net weight:  200g.

Allergens:  Contains Almonds (NUTS)

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