Boston Butt Pork Rub
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Boston Butt Pork Rub

Boston Butt Pork Rub



Quick Summary
• Mild heat.

• Naturally smoky, sweet flavour

• Creates a wonderfully sweet, smoky, earthy crust on your pulled pork.

• Full cooking instructions - for the BBQ and for the kitchen - included.

• Large 200g packs.
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We like Big Butts and we cannot lie!  OK, even when it's technically a pork shoulder...

When done well, Pulled Pork is in the God Tier of food.  Using our mildly spiced rub will elevate your cooking whilst keeping it mild enough for all the family. 

Introducing our "Boston Butt Rub," a specially crafted blend designed to elevate your pulled pork to new heights of flavour. Inspired by the rich barbecue traditions of the USA, this rub combines a perfect balance of smoky, sweet, and savoury notes to create a mouthwatering experience.

Try it with Alabama Fries, a baked sweet potato or many of the other side dishes in our Free Easy BBQ Side Dishes e-book.

Infused with the deep smokiness of smoked paprika and the mild heat of chilli, our rub adds layers of complexity to your pulled pork. The sweetness of both white and brown sugars caramelizes beautifully during cooking, creating a deliciously sticky crust.

For depth of flavour, we've included celery salt, black pepper, and black mustard powder, adding a savoury kick that perfectly complements the sweetness of the sugars. Meanwhile, garlic powder and cumin provide aromatic undertones that round out the blend.

Simply coat your pork generously with our Boston Butt Rub before slow-cooking or smoking, allowing the flavours to penetrate and infuse the meat. Whether you're serving it on a bun with coleslaw or as a standalone dish, our rub promises to deliver authentic Boston barbecue flavour with every tender, juicy bite.

Full cooking instructions for our Boston Butt Spice Blend can be found here.

Pulled Pork is famously forgiving on the BBQ - cook it a little too long and it'll still be awesome.  Let us handle the flavours, you watch the grill... deal?

Not got time to BBQ a whole pork shoulder?  This rub works fantastically on pork belly slices - rub, cook (we provide instructions), finish with honey or bbq sauce (optional).  This is a staple at home/Smoke and Flame towers!

Net weight:  200g

Allergens:  Contains MUSTARD, CELERY

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