Black Country Chicken Tikka
Black Country Chicken Tikka
Black Country Chicken Tikka
Black Country Chicken Tikka
Black Country Chicken Tikka

Black Country Chicken Tikka



Quick Summary
• Moderate heat.

• Naturally smoky, tangy flavour.

• Part of our Tandoori Mixed Grill range including Black Country Shish Kebabs and Raj's Mom's Chicken Wings.

• Full cooking instructions - for the BBQ and for the kitchen - included.

• Large 200g packs.
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Bostin ay it?

Inspired by the Desi Pubs that have sprung up in the Industrial heartlands of The West Midlands, our Black Country Chicken Tikka mix brings the taste of the pub or curry house, into your back garden.

To note, this Chicken Tikka isn't a curry (that's chicken tikka masalla etc) - this is a blend of over 20 spices best marinaded with yogurt on big chunks of skinless chicken thigh. 

Full cooking instructions can be found here

Experience the vibrant taste of the Black Country Chicken Tikka Spice Blend, a tantalizing marinade perfect for elevating your BBQ creations. Infused with the tangy zest of lime and the subtle sweetness of mango, this blend creates a delightful balance of citrus and tropical notes on grilled dishes.

Dive into its molecular magic, where citric acid from lime and mango enhances the overall taste profile, enriching the savoury richness of the chicken while adding a refreshing tanginess.

Try it with a naan bread cooked on the grill, pilau rice or many of the other side dishes in our Free Easy BBQ Side Dishes e-book.

Use it with plain yoghurt to marinate chicken pieces before grilling, forming a flavourful crust that seals in juices and delivers an explosion of taste with every bite. Alternatively, explore its versatility by trying it with succulent prawns or skewered shrimp, generously coating them before grilling to perfection.

Now, just don't call them Brummies...

Net weight:  200g

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