Memphis Dry Rub

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Memphis Style BBQ is one of the cornerstones of great American cuisine.  Read more about the different styles and spice blends they use in our blog.

Imbued with the rich, smoky essence of paprika, our Memphis Belle spice blend captures the essence of traditional Memphis dry rubs. This concoction is a symphony of flavours where the earthy, slightly fruity undertones of paprika dance with the robust, pungent notes of mustard. Each sprinkle brings a herbaceous whisper of thyme, transporting your palate to a Southern smokehouse.

Within this spice blend, one common compound is eugenol, which is found in both clove and cinnamon.  In this particular mix, eugenol ties together the complexity of mustard and the woody notes of thyme, creating a consistent flavour profile that is more than the sum of its parts.

The versatility of Memphis Belle shines when rubbed onto proteins; it's a revelation on chicken, transforming the skin into a crispy, flavour-packed delight. When massaged into pork, it creates a crust that's both tangy and aromatic, ideal for slow-roasting or barbecuing. Vegetables aren't left out of the party; when sprinkled over root vegetables and roasted, it caramelises the exterior, leading to a delightful contrast between the spice-crisped edges and the tender, sweet interior. The Memphis Belle spice blend is not just a dry rub; it's an invitation to explore the depths of Southern flavour.

This medium heat dry rub is very versatile but particularly brings pork ribs to life.  Use dry or with your favourite sauce, you can't really go wrong with this blend.

Net weight:  200g.



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