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The Black Country Shish Kebab spice blend is a robust and aromatic mix, echoing the industrial heritage of the Black Country with its bold flavours. Garlic lends a pungent depth, while ginger offers a spicy warmth with a hint of sweetness. The notes of fennel provide a refreshing counterpoint, and the aromatic, slightly sweet cardamom finishes the blend with a complex, aromatic warmth.

Fennel and cardamom both contain the compound anethole, which is characterised by its sweet, anise-like fragrance. This compound elegantly ties together the warm spiciness of ginger and the earthy robustness of garlic, providing a unique flavour bridge that enhances the overall harmony of the spice blend.

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When this blend graces the surface of lamb (or beef if needs be) kebabs, it encapsulates the essence of the Black Country's fusion of tradition and diversity. The spices marry with the sizzling juices of the meat, creating an irresistible crust with each turn over the flames. Vegetarians can equally enjoy this blend, as it brings a remarkable character to grilled aubergines or halloumi, imbuing them with a flavour that is both grounding and enigmatic.

The Black Country Shish Kebab spice blend is not just a seasoning; it is a celebration of flavourful heritage and culinary craftsmanship.

Net weight:  50g.