Vegan Jackfruit Kebab from Nepal

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Our Vegan BBQ Meal range continues to expand with this Nepali inspired jackfruit kebab!

The jackfruit kebab spice blend is a tapestry of flavours, each selected to complement the meaty texture of jackfruit. The zest of the lemon and the warmth of the ginger offer an invigorating freshness, while coriander provides a citrusy, nutty profile. This blend thrives on the complexity of its components, creating a harmonious fusion perfect for plant-based kebabs.

A key aromatic compound in this blend is cuminaldehyde, the defining essence of cumin, which imparts a warm, earthy, and slightly bitter flavour. This same compound is also found in coriander and fenugreek, albeit in subtler amounts, creating a thread of continuity that runs through the spice blend, uniting disparate flavours into a cohesive whole.

This spice blend is a marvel on jackfruit, rendering it into kebabs that are rich in flavour and perfect for a sizzling barbecue. The spices form a beautiful crust that encapsulates the succulence of the fruit within. But its use is not limited to the vegetarian fare; the same spice blend can elevate the taste of chicken or fish, lending them a fragrant, golden coating that is as delightful to the eye as it is to the palate. Whether used as a dry rub or a marinade, this spice blend brings out the best in your ingredients, crafting a culinary experience that's robust, aromatic, and truly memorable.

Net weight:  200g


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