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Germany is famous for Techno, Volkswagens and Doner Kebabs.  We like all 3 at Smoke and Flame Towers.

We're not so keen on the stuff that goes into the Doner Kebabs at the chippy though.  So, we captured the blend of spices that have placed Germany right at the top of the Doner Kebab league (it exists, honest!).  And now you get control over the quality of the meat, how well cooked it is and the all important sides. 

We put the chip shop - minus the weird stuff they put into kebabs - into your home.

Try it with authentic German kebab sauces, parmentier potatoes or many of the other side dishes in our Free “Easy BBQ Side Dishes” e-book.

Infused with the aromatic essence of onion, garlic, and coriander powder, our blend creates a rich and savoury base that perfectly complements the succulent lamb mince. The earthy notes of cumin and the herbal aroma of oregano add depth and complexity, while smoked paprika lends a delightful smoky undertone.

Full cooking instructions (for the BBQ or for the kitchen) for Smoke and Flame’s Doner Kebab blend can be found here.

Naan bread?  Chips?  Salad?  All three?

Net weight:  50g